The CyberBBS directory structure is created in this manner: As of v1.0.8

  1. [root dir] (typically I suggest /opt/cbbs or your home directory)
  2. /etc - Contains configuration files for configuring CyberBBS
  3. /data - Contains the Sqlite3 database files (.dbl)
  4. /echomail - Contains the directories that inbound/outbound echomail uses to transfer EchoMail/Netmail
  5. /tmp - Temporary directory for storing runtime files, pid files, semaphores, etc.
  6. /session - Directory for each connected session (drop files, user record, etc)
  7. /logs - Contains all of the different logs created
  8. /binkd - The created directory for holding binkd for binkp protocol transfers
  9. /scripts - Built in directory for creating Linux scripts or FreePascal utilities
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